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What is
AR Financing?

AR Financing or accounts receivables financing is a way for businesses to turn unpaid invoices into working capital by selling their invoices at a discount to a third party like Axos Bank. In return, Axos Bank would advance funds upfront when your business sends an invoice to one of your customers.

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Benefits of Partnering with us


  • Business to business transactions only
  • Clear invoice terms extended based on your customer's creditworthiness (net 30,45,60 and more)
  • Ability to factor a minimum of $25,000 per month
  • Your customers are invoiced after products are sold or services are rendered

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Great rates on our products

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Who is Axos Bank?

Born digital, Axos has reinvented the banking model, growing to over $12 billion in assets in just two decades. Axos Bank brings together human insight and digital expertise to anticipate and meet our customers' needs. With a broad and ever-growing range of financial products and services, including checking, savings, CDs, money market, lending, and retirement, Axos specializes in convenience and customization.

Born digital, Axos has reinvented the banking model, growing to nearly $10 billion in assets in just 19 years. We remain relentlessly focused on our award-winning customer service, maintaining and cultivating lasting relationships, creating a suite of innovative digital tools, and establishing a diverse portfolio of strategic partnerships. Our agile technology allows us to provide convenient and personalized services for retail and business clients where and when they need it.

Axos Bank is FDIC-insured and our holding company, Axos Financial, is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “AX”. We are headquartered in San Diego, California, with offices in Los Angeles, California; Orange County, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Salt Lake City, Utah; Kansas City, Kansas; and more coming soon.

The Axos Bank Story

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What makes us different?

Axos Bank is America’s oldest and most trusted digital bank. What makes us different?

We’re Born Digital

We were founded as a digital bank in 2000. Since then, we have grown into a full-fledged, technology-based financial services company serving consumers, businesses, and institutions.

We’re Evolving

Our driving principle is “Banking EvolvedSM”. And that is exactly what we intend to offer you: an experience that is better every day than it was the day before. It’s a never-ending process but one that aims to give you a cutting-edge experience that is always being refined.

We’re Efficient

Though we’ve been in business for nearly two decades, we aren’t weighed down by a costly branch network or decades of bloat. We’re young, innovative, and lean. This means better, often less costly, products and services for our customers and more opportunities to grow for our team.