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Personal Finance

Are You a Freelancer? Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Need Savings

Saving Money | Are you living contract to contract? Learn 7 reasons why a savings account is a freelancer’s best friend.

The Joneses Are Broke! Avoid the Lifestyle Inflation Trap

Saving |  Avoid the lifestyle inflation trap so you can build real wealth for the future.

Home Loan Basics: Down Payment and Closing Costs

Home Loans | It’s time to dispel the myth of a mandatory 20% down payment and explore the other options available to today’s homebuyer.

How to Break Up with Your Kids Financially

Budgeting | Breaking up is hard. Learn how to compassionately cut financial ties and encourage financial independence.

3 Reasons Online Banks Are Better Than Credit Unions

Digital Banking | While credit unions have their benefits, fewer costs, better rates, and user-friendly features make online banks the better choice.

How to Save For Retirement as a Freelancer

Saving | Learn how to get started with your own retirement savings as a freelancer.

Have You Considered the Benefits of Auto Loan Refinancing?

Auto Loans | Learn how refinancing your auto loan may help lower your monthly car payments.

A Personal Loan Can Lift the Weight of Credit Card Debt

Personal Loans | Using a personal loan to pay off your debt can combine the savings of a lower interest rate with the convenience of a single monthly payment.

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