Product options

  • Operating Leases
  • Capital Leases
  • True Leases
  • Tax Leases
  • Equipment Loans
  • Pre-approved Commitment Lines
  • Step-up Leases & Seasonal Payments
  • Project Funding
  • Sale and Lease Back
  • Fixed Purchase Option Leases
  • Non-Tax Operating Lease (NTOL)

Benefits of Partnering with Axos Bank™

Our Relationship Managers are experts at designing customized solutions.

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Industry Expertise

With experience that spans three decades and a diverse client base, we are experts at designing equipment financing options for the following industries:

Funding Your Transaction

Our underwriting criteria concentrates on cash-flow and debt service coverage in addition to net income, tangible net worth, leverage, and the forced liquidation value of collateral to help overcome issues and provide financing solutions to grow your business.

Eligible Collateral

  • Computers, software and servers
  • Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
  • Customization, Consulting, Installation, and Training
  • Telephone Systems and Other Office Automation
  • Application and Operating Software
  • Manufacturing equipment including installation and engineering costs
  • Medical diagnostic systems, software and ancillary equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Construction - and other essential use assets

Why Axos Bank™ Equipment Financing?

  • Security of an FDIC insured bank
  • Common sense underwriting
  • Access to substantial capital
  • Expert team with significant experience
  • Financing from $500,000 to $50,000,000
  • Nationwide platform with diversified collateral experience

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