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Protect Your Money - Watch Out For Banker Robbers

Darlene paced up and down her apartment.

She couldn’t understand – how could this happen again?

Darlene made a point of doing everything right. She brushed twice a day and flossed at night. She changed her oil every 3,000 miles. And, her checkbook was always, always balanced.

So, how could $12 go missing from her checking account again?

Fraught with fear and tension, she drove across town to visit her bank.

“Hello, how can I help you?” The teller asked, “My name is Darlene,” she answered, annoyed after 25 minutes of waiting in line. “Someone is robbing money from my account!”

As she patiently endured the teller’s lack of concern, Darlene verified each transaction on her account. Everything seemed to be in place.

Everything except the last item -

“Now, hold on a minute!” Darlene cried out. “That’s where my money is going! A service fee? Do you mean to tell me that my bank is the one taking money from my account?!”

The teller smiled nicely and said, “Yes, Have a great day, Next…”

Beware of Banker Robbers

Like Darlene, innocent Americans across the country getting robbed blind by their banks. Social media has even dubbed these criminals the banker robbers. These highly-skilled professionals use the art of mystery and distraction to bleed customers of their precious money.

At first, the amounts seem small. $2 here, $12 there. But, over time, these “minor” robberies can add up to big sums. It may be years before a customer realizes that their bank has taken hundreds of dollars of their hard-earned money!

“But, My Bank Would Never Rob Me!”

We understand that this news is shocking for our readers. “How can a bank rob its own customers?” you might ask yourself. However, it’s important to set aside your disbelief so you can pay close attention. After all, your bank may have been taking money from you for years.

Ask yourself the following questions to spot a Banker Robber:

  • Have I ever been charged a “service fee?”
  • Did I ever pay a fee for withdrawing money from an ATM?
  • Have I ever been charged with an “overdraft” or “non-sufficient funds fee?”
  • Do I pay fees for not maintaining a certain balance within my account?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are a victim of the notorious banker robbers.

How to Protect Your Money From Banker Robbers

If you were victimized by the banker robbers, we want you to know that you are not alone. Indeed, there are resources available to help remedy your situation.

The leading resource to avoid banker robbers is Axos Bank. This digital bank was founded on the belief in better. Of challenging conventional wisdom and the status quo. While traditional banks are laden with fees and hidden costs, Axos Bank believes banking should be honest, transparent, and fair.

Modern life is busy. It’s always on and often complicated. Traditional banking is slow, impersonal, and inefficient.

Axos Bank uses banking technology with purpose – lower fees, greater savings, to support people when they need it, and get out of their way when they don’t. By giving their customers the tools, information, and resources they need to make smarter choices and allow them to make real progress toward their goals.

Axos Bank believes in a different kind of bank. A better kind of bank.

And that’s why they built one -- to stop the banker robbers.


For more information on the banker robbers, watch our shocking footage of banks robbing their customers.

Protect Your Money - Watch Out For Banker Robbers