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is your home loan offer competitive?

Your Loan Estimate is key to finding out if your loan offer is right for you - or if you can do better.

Take our 5 minute challenge and let us review your current offer to compare.

Loan Terms

We start with your terms to give an accurate comparison based on the following:

  • Loan Amount
  • Interest Rate
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  • Monthly Principal & Interest (P&I) payment
Loan Costs / Orgination Charges

Compare the fees your lender is packing into your costs with those you won't find with an Axos loan.

  • Application Fee — Not at Axos
  • Origination Fee — Not at Axos
  • Underwriting Fee — Not at Axos
  • Processing Fee — Not at Axos
  • Lender Fee — $0*
Close on Time

A quick close of escrow is always important — especially when purchasing a home. Learn more about our Close-Of-Escrow Guarantee.

Estimated Cash to Close

When every dollar counts, fewer fees can reduce the cash you'll need to close your loan.

Ready to take the challenge?

Join other savvy homebuyers. Take just 5 minutes with an experienced mortgage professional to see if we can offer you a better loan. 888-546-2634