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Our Purpose

Guided by our promise to deliver an evolved banking experience, we leverage modern technology to provide cost effective products and services that help our customers stay ahead of the challenges of modern life.

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Our Culture

A technology-driven financial services company, we constantly challenge the status quo. Creating innovative consumer platforms and digital tools is central to our culture of providing an enhanced banking experience.

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Our Community

Today’s world is a free-flowing digital experience. As a digital bank, we offer a wide range of products and services to a diverse community of consumers, one that starts locally and expands across the nation.

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What makes us different?

We are continually striving to be a better kind of bank.

Born Digital

Founded as a digital bank in 2000, we have grown into an experienced, technology-based financial services company serving consumers, businesses, and institutions.

Enhanced Experience

“Banking Evolved” is our driving principle. We offer you a cutting-edge experience that is constantly being refined and improved so every day is better than the day before.

Cost Effective

We are not weighed down by a costly branch network or inefficient systems. We are innovative, lean, and agile. This means better, often less costly, products and services for you.

employee story
employee story

“I've been with Axos Bank since 2010. It's a very fast-paced environment that really requires a lot of commitment and dedication. It's exactly why I love working here. I like to be challenged! I have an awesome team and it really makes a difference. Most of my employees have been growing with me and they really work hard. We have a great culture and it's a place to really show off your talents and grow."

VP, Closing Manager
Single Family Residential

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Life At Our Locations

San Diego offers a diverse population, perfect weather, and beautiful beaches.
Las Vegas offers a range of entertainment, plus restaurants, museums, and parks.
KANSAS CITY, KS (Overland Park)
Kansas City is known for its great barbecue, winning sports teams, and jazz music.
Salt Lake City offers skiing, hiking, theater, and much more.
Orange County offers theme parks, beaches, museums, and shopping.