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How to Register for Online Banking

How to register for online banking

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How to register for Online Banking. To begin click on Sign in. From the drop down, click Account Login. Click on the register tab, then provide us with your first name, last name, date of birth, and Social Security Number. You have the option to keep your existing user name or create a new one. Once that is filled in, create a password then click next. To move forward, you must click agree and continue after you read the Terms & Conditions. This agreement includes the acceptance of receiving disclosures, communication, and other information electronically rather than paper form. Please contact a personal banker if you have additional questions. Next, you must select how you would like to receive a verification code, by text message or email. After you receive the code, enter the six-digit verification code and click continue. Last, select a security question and type in your non-case sensitive answer from the three different options and click finish! Congratulations, you now have access to your personal Online Banking dashboard. Got questions? Ask Evo, your virtual financial assistant.

How to Transfer Money into Your Axos Account

How to transfer money into your Axos account

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Axos Bank logo fades in with the title centered below it, "How to transfer money into your Axos account". App Store & Google Play icons display below the title. Arrow transitions from left to right side of the screen. A phone revels as the login screen fades away. On the right side of the phone, "Step 1, Tap Move $" appears. Move $ page displays on the phone as "Step 2, Select an account," replaces Step 1. Your available list of accounts slide in from the right side of the phone's screen. Tap the last option, "Step 3, Add Non-Axos Accounts." Here you can start to find your financial institution(s), "Step 4, search for your bank." On the phone, "UFB Direct," is typed into the search bar. An indicator taps, "Next," as the screen transitions to an additional list of subsidiaries associated with UFB Direct. "If you can't find your bank, use the manual entry method," appears underneath Step 4. An indicator taps on UFB Money Market as, "Step 5, Sign into your bank. Your bank security will vary," appears. On the phone, username & password auto-completes as the indicator taps, "Continue." Loading screen appears with text, "Your patience during this crucial step is appreciated." Loading completes, phone displays each bank account with estimated balances. "Step 6, select your available account(s)," appears next to the phone. Indicator taps, "Next." "Step 7, refresh your Move $ page." The phone displays a confirmation screen. Indicator taps on the navigation bar, "Move $." "Step 8, select the account you just added." The indicator taps on, "Select an account," directly under, "Transfer From." Indicator taps on the newly added bank account, "UFB Money Market." "Step 9, select an account to deposit into." Indicator taps on, "Select an account," directly under, "Transfer To." Indicator taps on, "Axos High Yield Savings." "Step 10, Enter an amount to transfer." Indicator taps on, "Amount To Transfer," input field. Keyboard opens and enters $1,000.00 amount. Indicator swipes up, then it taps on, "Transfer Funds." Loading animation appears on the phone. Loading animation completes as the confirmation screen appears. "Congratulations!" Arrow transition removes previous content with, "Got questions? Ask Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Just sign in and start chatting." Equal Housing Lender & Member FDIC logos, appear below the copy. The End.

How to Find Account Details

How to find account details

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Axos Online Banking makes it easy to find your account details all in one place. First, log into your Axos Online Bank account. Once you make it to your personalized dashboard, select the accounts tab. Here you'll find all of your accounts. To find specific details, click on the name of your account. Here, you'll find your transaction history report. Click on the details tab to view your account number and interest growth. Your statements tab allows you to view your monthly statements. And your tax forms tab stores available documents. Got questions? Ask Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Just sign in and start chatting.

How to Install the Mobile App

How to install the mobile app

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In this video, we will quickly walk through how to find and download your mobile banking app. So, you can access your money on the go. To begin, open the App Store if you're using an Apple device or Google play, if you're using an Android device. Next, click the search icon and type Axos Bank into the navigation bar. Now click install. Once the installation is complete, you will be ready to open your Axos Bank app and manage your money any time and any place. Got questions? Ask Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Just sign in and start chatting.

How to Fund Your Online Bank Account

How to fund your online bank account

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In this video we'll briefly locate the app's features and show you how to easily customize your dashboard tiles. First sign into your account. When you sign in, you will see your dashboard with customizable tiles located in the middle. Your navigation bar has tap-able icons located at the bottom of your screen. Your options include account information, tracking bill payments, transferring your money and sending check deposits. to view your settings. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner that has three horizontal lines or, swipe right. To return to your previous screen, tap the menu icon or swipe left. Now let's review your tiles and quickly walk through how you can customize each one. Your account overview tile will display your balance in each account. You can quickly access your information by tapping on the specific account name. To edit or remove the tile from the dashboard, tap the gear icon. Here, you'll be able to switch between accounts or open another account. Tap save to continue. your account distribution tile visually shows the percentage of each account balance. To edit the tile, tap the gear icon in the top right corner, tap the colored circle to open a library of color options, tap your desired color, then tap save to continue. The recent transactions tile will display your account activity. To edit this tile, simply tap the gear icon and select which account you'd like to display. Tap save to continue or, tap remove tile to hide the tile from your dashboard. Now let's take a look at the quick transfers tile. This tile allows you to quickly move money between your accounts. Select the account you wish to transfer funds from by tapping the drop-down menu under from. Next, select the account you wish to transfer funds to by tapping the drop-down menu underneath, to. Enter your desire transfer amount, then tap transfer to finish. Now let's add a new tile to your dashboard. Scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and tap, add tile, or tap the plus tile button located in the top right corner of your screen. Here you can read a summary of each tile. Once you've selected a new tile, tap the add button, to add this title to your dashboard. To organize your tiles, hold your finger on your screen for about a second until you can slide the tile to your desired location. Got questions? Ask Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Just sign in and start chatting.

How to Submit Check Deposits

How to submit check deposits

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Axos Bank makes it easy to deposit your checks from your mobile device. First, update your app and Sign In. Tap on "Deposit" located in the bottom navigation bar. Select your account to continue. Tap the field to enter your check amount. Tap your "Upload Photo" buttons to capture the front & back of your check. To avoid delays, use a dark surface before tapping the continue button. Got questions? Ask Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Just sign in and start chatting.

How to Make a Loan Payment

How to make a loan payment

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How to make a loan payment. At Axos bank, making your loan payment online is safe, secure and simple. Begin by signing into Online Banking. From your personalized dashboard, select the "Accounts" tab. Choose your loan account from the list. Select the "Account Details" tab in the banner, then select the "Make Monthly Payment" button in the right column. On the "Make a Payment" screen, you'll see the payment amount and the account the payment will come from. You will also find an option to make an additional principal payment. Next, set the payment start date, frequency and duration. Choose a start date from the calendar and then select "Monthly" for recurring payments or "One Time" for a single payment. We recommend choosing monthly. Set it and forget it, so you never miss a payment. Your last step is to confirm your information and select "Continue." Congratulations! You've set up your loan payment. Need to make a change? It's just as easy to edit or cancel a scheduled payment. From the "Move Money" tab, navigate to "Scheduled Transfers." Select the gear icon of the loan payment you want to change. Choose "Edit Next Transfer," "Cancel Next Transfer," "Edit Series" or "Remove Series" from the drop-down menu. Have questions? Visit us online or chat with Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Axos, banking evolved.

How to Send Wire Transfers

How to send wire transfers

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In this video we'll walk through how to send & receive wire transfers. First, login to your online banking dashboard, then click on Move Money. From the sub header, click wire transfers, then fill out the information below. When you're ready, click continue. Here, you'll need to enter your recipients’ details. Click continue, then fill out your recipient's bank account information. Once you're done, continue to the overview page. Make sure all of the information is correct and remember, read the Terms & Conditions before you accept. Then click submit. Congratulations! You have sent a wire transfer. It's quick and easy to receive a wire transfer. Click on accounts. Then select the account where your wire transfer was deposited. Here, you'll find your transaction history report. Congratulations, you now know how to send & receive a wire transfer. Got questions? Ask Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Just sign in and start chatting.

How to Use Pay It Now

How to use pay it now

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The pay it now feature. First, login to your Axos online bank account. Once you make it to your personalized dashboard, click move money, then select pay it now from the sub-header. Now it's time to enter the required information. Make sure your payment does not exceed your account balance. If it does, your transaction will be rejected. Before you click submit, create a unique security question and answer. To receive your payment, your recipient must enter the same answer you type in. Double check that everything is correct, then click submit. Congratulations, you just sent a payment. Got question? Ask Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Just sign in and start chatting.