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Looking to make a loan payment, request a loan payoff, correct a duplicate payment, or get answers to your general loan questions? You’re in the right place.

Easy Payments, Quick Answers

Let's set you up for success! Take advantage of our convenient tools.

First, download the Axos app. Or register for online banking.

Scan the QR Code to download the Axos Bank App

Next, chat with Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Evo can help answer questions about your loan.

There’s three ways to get started:

  1. Select the Evo, Virtual Financial Assistant icon at the bottom of this page.
  2. Chat with Evo from within online banking.
  3. Send text message to 761-761.

I Want To ...

Still need help with your loan? We’ve got you covered. Select from one of the following.

We’re here to help.

Loan Customer Service

  • Chat With Us

    Select the icon  Evo, Virtual Financial Assistant  at the bottom of this page for fast answers to your questions

  • Send a Secure Message

    Use the Axos app or sign in online and select Messages

  • By Phone

    Monday – Friday
    8am–5pm PST

Loan Payoffs

  • Request quote for mortgage, unsecured, and auto loans

    Send a Secure Message

    Use the Axos app or sign in online and select Messages.

Third Party Payoff Requests

  • Auto Loans

    Use Dealer Track. You don’t need to be a Dealer Track user; simply enter the VIN for a payoff quote.

  • Mortgage Loans

    Send payoff request to: [email protected]

Dealer Payoffs

  • Mail all payoffs to:

    Axos Bank
    Attention: Dealer Payoffs
    9205 W Russell Rd, Suite 400
    Las Vegas, NV 89148

Qualified Written Requests

  • Loan Servicing

    Attention: QWR
    P.O. Box 401420
    Las Vegas, NV 89140

Additional Frequently Asked Questions