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interest-only mortgage benefits
interest-only mortgage benefits

Control the terms of your mortgage. With an interest-only mortgage, you can choose to pay the interest only or make a principle payment amount. This customization is helpful for borrowers with fluctuating income who want more control of their terms. Benefits of an Interest-Only Mortgage:

  • Offers initial interest-only payment options
  • Allows for flexible monthly payments during the initial interest-only term
  • Gives borrowers the opportunity to make principal payments when they choose
  • Custom loan tailored for specific needs

What Is an Interest-Only Mortgage?

An Interest-Only Mortgage is a home loan that gives you the option to pay only the interest on the principal amount for a set period of time. After the interest-only term is over, the payment converts to a principal-and-interest payment that is fully amortized over the remaining term of the mortgage.

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Things to Consider with Interest-Only Mortgages

Interest-Only Mortgages can provide some unique benefits, but they are not right for everyone.

Things to be conscious of when considering an interest-only option:

  • The interest-only payment does not pay down the principal balance
  • The monthly payment following the interest-only period will be higher than that of a fully amortized loan that was originated at the same time
  • The monthly payment will increase after the initial interest-only term ends.

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