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  • Loan amounts from $7,000 to $50,000
  • Term lengths of 3-6 years*
  • Funding within 2 days of acceptance of final loan offer
  • No collateral required
  • Flexible lending criteria
  • No pre-payment penalties

Why use a personal loan to consolidate your debt?

Enjoy the savings from a lower interest rate and the convenience of a single payment each month.

Moving your high-interest debt to a lower interest loan can offer significant savings. It can help you become debt-free sooner.

Your monthly payment could be less with a lower interest rate. Enjoy a more flexible budget or additional money in your emergency fund.

Consolidating multiple debts into a single payment is convenient. Plus, it’s motivating to see a sizable reduction in your balance each month.

With a set loan term and payment amount, you know when your debt will be retired. It’s a goal you can work toward every month.

See a noticeable reduction in your balance instead of carrying the credit card debt for 15-20 years when you only make the minimum payment each month.

How can a Personal Loan be used to consolidate debt?

Consolidating your debt into a single personal loan can combine the savings of a lower interest rate with the convenience of a single payment each month.

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How much will I pay each month?

Use our Personal Loan Calculator to compare loan amounts, terms, and monthly payments. See how much you could potentially save by consolidating your debt with a personal loan at a lower interest rate.

Personal Loan Calculator