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Bank, borrow, invest, and plan on the go with the Axos Bank mobile app. View all your accounts in one place, monitor your finances, and explore new offers – anytime, anywhere.

Scan the QR code to download the Axos Bank app on your phone!

Scan the QR code to download the Axos Bank App

Plan With Axos

Crush Your Money Goals

Try a new approach to money management with the Axos Bank app.

Link your accounts for a bird’s-eye view of your assets
Check your account balances and transaction history
Analyze your spending patterns
Monitor your savings and investments
Pay bills and deposit checks

What do your money habits look like?

Take control of your finances. Personal Finance Manager allows you to sync all your accounts – even those outside of Axos – giving you a holistic view of your financial situation.

24/7 Assistance

Chat 24/7 with Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Find answers to all of your financial questions and get support whenever you need it.

Mobile Check Deposit

The easiest way to deposit a check. Snap a photo with your camera, and we’ll take care of the rest.

No Money Worries Here

We prioritize the safety and security of your money.

Stay secure with
biometric identification.

Want an extra layer of protection? Set up voice, fingerprint, or face identification in the app settings.

2-Step Authentication

We double-check your identity to confirm your activity is authorized.

128-Bit SSL Encryption

No intruders here. Our encryption ensures you have a secure, direct connection – and keeps your data private.

Account Monitoring

Our system regularly monitors accounts to detect potential fraud.

Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

Our bank network is locked and guarded to prevent malicious attacks.

Automatic Logout

We automatically log out idle sessions to prevent sneaky actors from getting too friendly with your account.

Usernames and Passwords

No sharing here! Your usernames and passwords are safe with us.

Questions? Send a secure message.

Have a question or a request? Send it our way through secure messaging on the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great news – this app is completely free.

You’ll find the Axos Bank app in the App Store® and Google Play™. Scan the QR code to get started.

After you download the Axos Bank app, we recommend you visit the Plan section to get started. From there, you can:

  1. Link your external accounts, such as your savings, checking, investments, credit cards, and loans. This can help you evaluate your spending and saving habits, as well as your liquid net worth.
  2. Drill into your spending habits. Review your most common purchase categories such as bills, food, transportation, and travel and entertainment.
  3. Review your saving trends. Discover how your saving, investment, and retirement accounts have changed over time.
  4. Keep tabs on your transactions by checking in frequently. You can filter your feed to look at specific accounts, or you can see the most recent transactions from all accounts.

If you have an Axos bank account, the Axos Bank app makes it easy to move your money. Easily transfer funds between Axos and non-Axos accounts, send money to a friend, pay a bill, or initiate a wire transfer.

Once you’re in the app, select Bank. Then, select Move Money from the top of the screen. You can then choose to transfer money between accounts, pay a bill, send money to friends, or wire funds.

You can also access Move Money when you’re reviewing individual accounts within the app.

You have several options to add money to your account – all within the Axos Bank app. You can set up direct deposit, deposit a check, or complete an external bank transfer.

Once you’re in the app, select Bank. Then, select Deposit from the top of the screen. You’ll be presented with several options, including Mobile Check Deposit.

You can also access Deposit when you’re reviewing individual accounts within the app.

Need help while you’re in the app? Be sure to check out Evo, your virtual financial assistant. Simply select the icon at the bottom right of the screen to ask your questions.

You can also send our team a secure message through the app. Open the main menu at the top left of the screen, then select Messages.

Get the Mobile App

Take your bank wherever you go. Manage your money anytime, anywhere thanks to online banking. Scan the QR code on the right to download the Axos App on your phone!

scan the qr code to download the mobile app