Every Day Is National Online Bank Day at Axos

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It’s no coincidence that National Online Bank Day falls on the second Monday in October – a U.S. federal holiday when traditional brick-and-mortar banks are closed. The day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the financial freedom that digital banking has brought to consumers and businesses.

How great is it that we’re no longer limited to the schedule of a branch? Instead, we can open an account, move money, deposit checks, and apply for a loan when and where it works best for us.

As a digital banking pioneer, Axos is celebrating National Online Bank Day with a short recap of where we started and how far we’ve come.

Born Digital: July 4, 2000

We opened our virtual doors on Independence Day in 2000, under the name of Bank of the Internet USA.

Why did we choose to open on a federal holiday? We did it to symbolize our departure from the traditional banking constraints that had long frustrated our founder and potential customers.

Our goal (at launch and today): Offer a digital model to deliver the 24/7 access everyone deserves, making it possible to manage money on your own terms – including evenings, weekends, and holidays.

Expanding Products and Services

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to expand our products and services, evolving beyond simple checking to a holistic financial experience.

From Rewards Checking to an expansive array of investing, personal lending, business banking, and commercial treasury management and financing services, we’re excited to serve the end-to-end needs of our clients – whether it’s for their individual, family, or business endeavors.

We even offer integrated banking services to financial advisors so they can provide expanded financial guidance to their investor clients.

As a result of our diverse offering, we’ve grown to a trusted and well-capitalized organization, with $20.3 billion in assets (as of June 30, 2023) and more than 1,300 employees spanning across the globe.

Evolving Money Management Technology

As our products have evolved, so has our technology. After all, fintech is at the core of our mission of continuous innovation.

Over the years, we’ve built and improved our “Universal Digital Banking” platform, allowing account holders to manage their funds from their preferred device – whether that’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This tech now includes a mobile app that’s open to everyone – even if they don’t have an Axos account.

With each release, we add new features and improved UX to ensure we’re delivering the frictionless yet secure experience that everyone deserves.

We’re excited to continue to improve upon our technology and add new features to help individuals plan for their financial future. This includes free Credit Score Monitoring and Personal Finance Manager, a tool that allows individuals to view all their funds in a single place, regardless of where the money is housed.

Continuing to Grow the Digital Movement

While Axos was the first digital bank on the scene, we’re no longer a party of one. And that makes us very excited.

Due to the sensitive nature of finances, banking and related industries are slow to evolve. Security measures need to be in place to ensure money and data remains safe – no matter its form. We’re happy to be at the forefront of that evolution, paving the way for consumers and businesses to be able to bank, borrow, invest, and plan on their terms.

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Every Day Is National Online Bank Day at Axos

This blog was published by Axos Bank on October 18, 2023, and last updated on October 18, 2023.

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