Test Your Online Banking Security Knowledge Video

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Do you know how to keep your online banking accounts safe from hackers and scammers? Let’s test your security chops with these common misconceptions about online banking.

First question, true or false: The strongest passwords are long, with random letters, numbers, and characters. This statement is false! It’s a common misconception that passwords should be a string of random characters. While such passwords may look strong at first glance, they are inherently difficult to remember, and people often store them insecurely. The best way to make your password long and difficult to hack is by using a sequence of three or more random words you’ll remember. And don’t forget to make each password unique.

All right, let’s try another one. True or false: You should always investigate email links, even when they come from trusted sources. This statement is true! Even if an email seems to come from a trusted source, you should always investigate the URL to make sure it’s legitimate. Hackers often mask their sender addresses to trick you into believing their emails are sent from a verified source. When in doubt, visit the trusted company’s website directly. Never click a link in an email.

OK, next question, true or false: Sometimes your bank will need to call you to verify your information. This statement is false! Scammers love to call customers to confirm personal information. Don’t be fooled. You should never, under any circumstances, share personal information with a caller. If your bank wants your information, they’ll contact you from their secure messaging platform.

All right, final question. True or false: Mobile banking is less secure than banking from your computer. This statement is false! Mobile banking is just as secure as online banking. By using the bank’s official app, you make it much harder for hackers to use malware to crack your account. At Axos Bank, we also use multiple forms of two-factor authentication to ensure only verified users can access your account.

So, how did you do? Did you ace it? Or do you need some extra pointers? Either way, be sure to visit our Security Center to learn more tips on how to keep your account secure.

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