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Protect Your Wallet From the Rising Fed Funds Rate

Inflation | Changes to the federal funds rate get a lot of media attention – and for good reason. As the rate goes up, so can your loan rates. Here are steps you can take to lessen the impact.

Beat Rent Inflation, Plus Other Financial Benefits of Buying a Home

Home Buying | Facing another rent increase? Perhaps it’s time to make the leap to homeownership. Here are four financial benefits you may gain when you buy a home.

Investing Can Beat Inflation

Personal Finance | With inflation fears on the rise, is there anything that can help bolster your buying power? Turns out investing could be your white knight.

Are Mortgage Rates Influenced by the Stock Market?

Home Loans | Does the stock market control mortgage interest rates? Or are other forces at play? Find out what can influence a rise or fall in mortgage rates.

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