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Frequently Asked Questions

No.  We will send the disclosures.  We do not need a copy of the broker disclosures.  The broker is required to accurately complete the fee screen in the Register Loan Tab before submitting the loan file.

We use DocMagic for the initial disclosure and closing documents.

No. We require a certification to be checked by the broker during the registration process on our website.  In addition, the Anti-Steering Loan Options Disclosure, found under Forms on our broker portal, must be completed and signed by the broker and borrower.

No. We charge an all-inclusive lender fee of $815.00.

Lender fees, when applicable, are as follows:

  • Underwriting - $815
  • Foreign National Due Diligence - $250
  • Trust Review - $300

View the Wholesale Mortgage Express Rate Sheet for additional items including Appraisal Desk Review, and Redraw Loan Documents.

No. Every Loan Officer and Processor will be assigned their own login/password with access to only their loans.

You can move your loan through our system by initiating COCs, TRVs, VOIs, and CDs—all through our broker portal.

We don’t require one. We will send an email prior to issuing the CD to validate the information required for closing documents.

Yes, if you are approved, you can deliver loans to our Wholesale Mortgage Express channel. Please reach out to your Account Executive or [email protected] for more information.

We have six different options for WME brokers. Please email [email protected] to request a call or more information.

Axos Bank, Its Successors and/or Assigns P.O. Box 402420, Las Vegas, NV 89140

Axos Bank, Its Successors and/or Assigns P.O. Box 401420, Las Vegas, NV 89140

We offer FHA (including Streamline), VA (including IRRRL), Conforming (Agency), and Conforming High Balance.

We do not offer FHA or VA High Balance loans.

Yes. Please note the following requirements:

  • We require the XML file.
  • It must be in an institution’s name.
  • We need a transfer letter from the named institution on the report.
  • There cannot be changes required on a transferred appraisal.

The AMC will provide proof of delivery—as long as the borrower email address provided at the time of order is valid.

Log in to our broker portal and select the order appraisal tab. You have the option to order from Solidifi or Servicelink in our portal. Select Wholesale Mortgage Express to get the correct pricing.

We will always disclose the fee if it’s necessary. DU or our underwriter will make the determination.

No. Everything needed for submission is located in the tabs on our website.

Visit our WME Broker Portal and select Upload A Loan at the top of the page.  Once the loan is successfully uploaded, navigate the loan tabs from left to right to complete the registration process.