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Available in the Axos app. Scan to get started!

Credit Score Monitoring

Take Control of
Your Credit Journey

Keep a pulse on your credit and learn how it impacts your finances. Receive free credit score updates and credit account details to understand how your credit changes over time.

Available in the Axos app. Scan to get started!

Get Regular Credit Score Updates - No Strings Attached

How healthy is your credit? Here's an easy way to know.

Get Free Credit
Score Updates

Your credit score is critical to your financial health, and we want you to succeed. So we offer a free credit snapshot – no strings attached.

Review Your
Credit Details

Your credit is more than a score. See the details of your reported credit accounts so you can detect areas for improvement and uncover any errors.

Track Credit
Score Trends

View how your credit changes over time. It’s a great way to view your progress and better understand how your habits affect your credit.

Receive Credit
Score Alerts

Get notified when your score changes. It’s a quick reminder to check in to see what’s changed and determine if action is needed.

Always Secure, Always Private

Your privacy is a big deal for us. We won’t sell your financial data to other companies, and we’ll work hard to keep it safe Credit Score Monitoring is locked and guarded with the same bank-level security we use for all accounts.

Check Your Credit Score

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