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Did you know? Over 65% of people reuse passwords. Using a unique password for each of your accounts can stop hackers. Learn how

Security Notice

It is important to Axos Bank to provide a safe and sound Online Banking experience for our customers. Please watch the video and read the information below to help protect your online security.

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how we protect your information

Our goal is to protect our customers and keep your online experience secure. We also give you information that can help you keep your personal information safe.

Here are some of the ways we protect you:

  • We employ state-of-the-art technologies to detect and prevent cyber intrusions.
  • Our Firewalls help block unauthorized access by individuals or networks.
  • The Secure Socket Layer encryption creates a secure connection with your browser when you login, or fill out an application, or register in online services.
  • We don’t and will not share your usernames and passwords with anyone.
  • We automatically log you out of your secure session after a period of inactivity to help protect against others seeing or using your online accounts.
  • We monitor activities for potential fraud.

How to Report Identify Theft, Fraud, or Suspected Lost Stolen Cards

For information regarding identity theft and fraud, how to protect yourself, and what to do if you believe you are the victim of identity theft or fraud, please refer to Protect Your Identity below for more information.

The problem of identity theft

According to government and private sector estimates, some 9 million Americans a year are at risk of having their identities stolen. Identity theft occurs when someone steals personal information and uses it to establish credit, borrow money, charge items or even commit crimes in your name.

While the incidence of Internet identity theft is growing, fraud experts agree individuals are more likely to become a victim of this federal crime by more traditional means, such as improperly discarding credit cards or other financial data. Here are some tips on how to avoid becoming an ID theft victim and what to do should you become a victim of identity theft.

Where to get help

Protect yourself offline

You can reduce your chances of falling victim to fraud and identity theft with the help of these everyday safety tips.

The Safety of Your Identity Is Our Top Priority

In addition to our state-of-the-art encryption technologies, Axos Bank uses industry-leading security practices to guard your personal information.