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Wholesale & Correspondent Portfolio Lending

Innovative Non-QM Loans

Expand your non-QM product portfolio with our Expanded, Jumbo and Super Jumbo loan solutions. We offer DSCR, deferred interest, bridge-to-sale, and more.

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Our Top Products

Tailor the loan to fit the client. We mix and match our loans and programs to create a custom solution that fits your client’s unique needs.

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Pledged Assets

Qualify more borrowers using assets in lieu of traditional income. Purchase, refinance, and cash-out options available.


Increase the borrowing power of your clients with cross-collateralization of additional real estate.


Help investor clients qualify for a loan faster with no income documents or W-2s required.

Super Jumbo

Close more deals with loan amounts up to $30MM and no limits on cash-out amounts.

Cash-Flow mAXimizer

Give your borrowers flexible payment options so they can put their money to work.


Access a property’s equity prior to its sale so your clients can secure their dream homes.

Bank Statement Qualifying

Give borrowers the flexibility to use multiple streams of income to qualify for their loan, including personal or business bank statements.

Asset Depletion

Use liquid assets as full or supplemental income to help clients qualify or borrow more.

Recently Closed Loans

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Quick Pricer
Real-time mortgage rates for your loan scenarios.

Turn Times

We’re here to help you close deals. Here are our current turn times. Have an urgent request? Give us a call at 888-585-4869.

Current turn times
Intake 1-2 business days
Processing 1-2 business days
Underwriting Purchase: 5 business days Refinance: 6 business days
Condition Review 1-2 business days
CD to Docs 1-2 business days

Partner With the Leaders in Non-QM Lending

Here’s why we’re the preferred lending team for wholesale, correspondent, and income property lending.

Portfolio Underwriting

  • Gift funds can be used for full down payment
  • Business assets for down payment/reserves
  • Post-close liquidity as additional income source
  • Cash out proceeds used to meet reserve requirements
  • 1 year tax returns/P&L income calculation considered
  • Maximized net rental income with reduced adjustment calculation (5 or more properties)

Need a Warehouse Lender?

Axos Bank has you covered.

  • Residential warehouse lines of credit from $20MM up to $200MM
  • Extended funding hours to 6:15 p.m. ET
  • Over 100 approved takeout investors
  • Individual and bulk funding options
  • Aggressive pricing with flexible index choices
  • Innovative lending platform supporting wet and dry funding

Still have questions?

Call us at 888-585-4869 or email [email protected].