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Strategies to Improve Efficiency and Maximize Margins

Warehouse Lending | Many successful mortgage bankers use efficiency as a tool to increase profits.

Jumping the Fence from Mortgage Broker to Mortgage Banker

Warehouse Lending | If you’ve been an independent mortgage broker for a few years, it may be time to consider a transition from broker to banker.

Tips to Capitalize On a Purchase Mortgage Market

Warehouse Lending | To capitalize on current market conditions, a mortgage banker can focus on six key areas to maximize purchase opportunities.

Equipment Financing: Don't Rely on a Single Lender

Equipment Financing | There are some important benefits to having a second equipment finance lender.

Can an Investment Property Buffer a Volatile Stock Market?

Investment Property | Investors faced with a volatile stock market may want to consider diversifying their investments through a rental property.

Should You Raise the Rent On Your Investment Property?

Investment Property | The decision to increase the rent amount on an investment property can be a difficult one.

Will a Natural Disaster Wipe Out Your Mortgage Bank?

Warehouse Lending | Mortgage bankers encounter unique complications when dealing with natural disasters.

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