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Bank Like a Boss

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Congrats! You’re upgrading your life.

You’re getting outdoors more, you’re taking risks, and prioritizing your financial health. You made it this far – now it’s time to start banking like a pro. Discover our top tools to help you make the most of Axos. This is where smarter banking starts.

1. Personal Finance Manager

No, this isn’t a person. If you like account aggregators – the ability to link all your financial accounts into a single dashboard – you’ll love

Why link your accounts?

PFM simplifies money management with a holistic view of your funds. Every transaction is automatically categorized to help identify your purchasing patterns and behaviors ($8 lattes, we’re looking at you). This data helps you to make more informed spending decisions about your expenses.

Also, this digital banking service is completely free. Start banking like a boss and take control of your finances with PFM.

2. Direct Deposit

Meet direct deposit – your new favorite tool. It’s a faster, easier method to get your paycheck, which is why 93% of Americans use it.

Don’t have a paycheck? You can direct deposit any recurring income source, such as Social Security funds, IRA, and 401(k) distributions. Rather than waiting for a check in the mail, you can get paid digitally and directly into your bank account.

And if you like getting paid earlier, one of our accounts, , offers Direct Deposit Express, allowing you to get paid up to two days early.* You'll get your money on the same day your paycheck is issued, without any processing delays.

3. Mobile App

Got a phone? Duh. Then you’ll want the Axos . This just makes life easier.

No more waiting for a computer – handle your finances when it’s most convenient for you. Here are different ways you can use the app:

  • Check your account balances
  • Monitor your spending, savings, loans, and investments.
  • Transfer funds between eligible accounts
  • Send money to friends.
  • Pay bills
  • View your account transaction history
  • Contact Evo, your virtual financial assistant, 24/7

The app also offers high security with biometric authentication, so you don’t have to sacrifice protection for speed and expediency. It’s a win-win – and one of the easiest ways to up your banking and investing game.

4. Biometric Authentication

Big on security? This tool is for you. Fraud is no joke, which is why we provide the ability to opt into biometric authentication to access your account. This allows us to prove the person accessing your account is actually you – and not a scammer.

How does it work?

Simply register your voice, face, or fingerprint in the mobile app for added protection. That way, even if a scammer gets your login details, they can’t sneak past that second security wall. It can also identify you when you call Axos Bank – great both for security and speed.

And let’s be honest: Peace of mind that your accounts are safe is a telltale sign of a boss banker.

5. Credit Score Monitoring

With Credit Score Monitoring, you take control of your credit journey and understand how it impacts your finances. The Axos app provides free credit score updates and detailed credit account information, allowing you to track changes over time.

This is an easy way to stay informed about the health of your credit – no strings attached. Get started by checking your credit score in the Axos app, even if you don’t have an Axos account yet. Simply download the app and register for free to embark on your credit management journey.

6. Bill Pay

This feature is simple, but that’s why we like it. After all, time is money.

Bill Pay lets you automate payments, saving you the time and effort of remembering to pay your bills every month. You can use it for both personal and business bills (for our real-life bosses).

Schedule payments and their frequency so you can truly set it and forget it – and skip the stress of mailing payments. Upgrading your life means realizing your time is valuable, so save it for what really matters.

To set up , navigate to Bank within the mobile app and select Pay Bills. Signing in online? Select the Pay Bills tab and choose Add a Recipient. Make changes any time you wish.

7. Evo

Asking questions is the key to success – and a valuable tool in our toolbox. This is where , your virtual financial assistant, comes in. Ask Evo anything finance-related, and get an instant response.

Log in to your account online or in the app to ask Evo questions regarding your accounts, transactions, loan payments, balances, and money transfers. You’ll find Evo in the bottom right-hand corner of webpages and the top right-hand corner of the app.

Give Evo a whirl and see what happens. Evo is here to make your life easier and help you achieve your financial goals.

The Takeaway

Banking like a boss is less about what you have and more about what you do. Take advantage of the free banking services Axos offers, and apply them to your banking experience. Ready to save yourself time, money, and effort? Let’s get started.

Bank Like a Boss

This blog was published by Axos Bank on December 1, 2021 and last updated on August 30, 2023.

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