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Digital tools at your fingertips.

Easier, smarter banking starts with the Axos all-in-one mobile app.

  • Sync all financial accounts into one dashboard.
  • Analyze your saving and spending behavior.
  • Chat 24/7 with a virtual financial assistant.
  • Add, move, and send money to friends and others.
  • Automate your bill payments.
  • Monitor your credit score for free.

2. Add Money to Your Account

Time to make some money moves.

Mobile Deposit

The easiest way to deposit a check. Snap a photo with your camera, and we’ll take care of the rest.

External Bank Transfer

Get a holistic view of your funds. Link your external accounts to see all your money in one place.

Direct Deposit

There’s nothing better than an automatic – or early! – paycheck deposit into your account. It’s easy to set up digitally, so you can simply set it and forget it.

View Funding Requirements

Check the list below to see if your account has minimum opening deposit requirements.

Account Name Minimum Opening Deposit
Essential Checking $0
Total Loan Rewards Checking $0
Cashback Checking $50
First Checking $50
Rewards Checking $50
Golden Checking $250
Account Name Minimum Opening Deposit
Select Checking $1,000
World Checking $75,000
Advisor Private Client Checking $50,000
Private Client Checking $250,000
Account Name Minimum Opening Deposit
First Savings $50
High Yield Savings $250
High Yield Money Market $1,000
Account Name Minimum Opening Deposit
Select Savings $100
Select High Yield Money Market $1,000
Advisor Private Client Savings $50,000
World Savings $75,000
InsureGuard+ Savings $245,000
Private Client Savings $250,000

3. Understand Transfer Limits

We’re committed to protecting your money, so to reduce the risk of fraud we set a limit on fund transfers. Here’s what you need to know.

There is an initial limit on your first deposit into your new account. After that, there will be daily and monthly limits on both inbound and outbound transfers.*
Our limits increase over time.*
Inbound transfers take up to three to five business days to process.*
For immediate funding, we recommend wire transfers. You can initiate this wire from your existing bank.

*These limits do not apply to wire transfers. Hooray!

4. Activate Your New Debit Card

Your debit card should arrive within 7-10 business days after you open your new account.

Ready to activate your card? Sign in to online banking or the mobile app and select the account that corresponds to the new card. Then hit activate. Easy, peasy.

5. Link All Your Accounts

Money management has never been easier. Use Personal Finance Manager (PFM) to link your external accounts and manage them all in one place.

6. Chat With Evo

Meet your new virtual financial assistant, available 24/7. Get answers to all your banking questions:

“What’s my checking account balance?”
“What was my last purchase?”
“Make a transfer of $50 from checking to savings.”

Chat with Evo or send a secure message in online banking. And if that wasn’t easy enough, you can also text Evo at 761-761.

Learn More

7. Stay Secure With
Biometric Identification

Keep your account safe from sneaky hackers. Set up voice, fingerprint, or face identification in the app settings. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy quicker logins and immediate authentication when you call us.

Take Your Money Even Further

We’ve got your best interests at heart. Up your finance game with these options.

Self-Directed Trading

Big on autonomy? Buy and sell your own stocks your way.

Managed Portfolios

Crush your investing goals with a professionally curated collection of stocks and funds.

Home Mortgage

Purchase or refinance – we do it all. Work with experts to find an affordable solution.

Auto Loan

Smarter financing in 3 easy steps. Refinance your auto loan today.

Personal Loan

A wedding doesn’t have to break the bank. Find affordable loan options for your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

To transfer funds internally, sign in online or through the mobile app and go to Move Money. On the app, you’ll find Move Money within Bank.

If you received an immediate rejection of your mobile deposit, this could mean a variety of things. Please complete these basic troubleshooting steps before making another attempt:

  1. Confirm that the check is endorsed “For Axos Mobile Deposit Only.”
  2. Verify that the check is endorsed by the payee(s). Please note that we do not accept third party checks, so all people listed on the check must be on the account you’re depositing to.
  3. Ensure that the image is clear and legible with no obstructions.
  4. Ensure that the image size is no larger than 2MB if depositing via web browser using My Deposit.

If you are still unable to complete the deposit successfully, sign in online or through the mobile app and send us a secure message. Please include screenshots of any error messages or rejection emails. Please allow up to four business days for a response.

You may need to adjust your notification options within your device settings. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your settings.
  2. Go to Notifications.
  3. Choose the Axos Bank app (make sure the app is closed).
  4. Select which alert notifications you wish to receive.

Choose Forgot Password on the login screen – online or through the app – and follow the steps to receive a password reset email. If you don’t receive an email, it could mean that the email we have on file is invalid, inactive, or blocked. Please chat with Evo or contact us for any additional password reset assistance.

One-time verification codes are only sent via SMS message to a mobile phone number that has SMS enabled. One-time verification codes cannot be sent to landlines or international phone numbers. Reach out to us for assistance adding or updating your cell phone number on file if you cannot access your account.

You can change the default bill pay account by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your online banking account.
  2. Choose Accounts.
  3. Drag the account you want and drop it at the top of the list of accounts.
  4. Go to the Bill Pay tab to confirm that the default account has changed. Please note that this will also update within the mobile app.

Have additional questions?

We have answers.

Need more help?

Chat with Evo or send us a secure message in online banking.