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  • Multiple collection and payment processing options to accelerate cash flow
  • Lower payables costs by consolidating legacy payments
  • Sophisticated fraud and risk management solutions
  • Offset Treasury Management fees with competitive earnings credit
  • Suite of reporting and reconciliation tools


Make critical decisions faster with accelerated cash flow solutions


Automate and streamline your payables

Deposits and Liquidity Management

Improve operational efficiency and maximize yield

Maximize your Return
Automate the transfer of funds into multiple disbursement accounts with a single master account using Zero Balance Account (ZBA) cash concentration
Competitive Rates
Assess funding needs, ensure appropriate liquidity, minimize idle balances, and maximize interest income by sweeping excess funds into a FDIC Money Market Account or an Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)
Offset Fees
Offset fees with an analyzed business checking account featuring a competitive Earning Credit Rate

Reporting and Reconciliation

Customized reporting in a single online dashboard

Fraud Prevention

Mitigate risk by reviewing and decisioning exception items

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