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Fiduciary Banking, Simplified

Streamline your workflow with our integrated suite of banking and service solutions.

Treasury Management Services

Leverage our tools to manage your recoveries.

Online Access
Manage accounts, transfer funds between accounts, and view ACH returns and Notifications of Records Changes.
Reporting and Reconciliation
Establish custom detailed reports and access real-time critical information with your customized dashboard.
Simplified Wire Initiations
Say goodbye to endless paperwork and initiate wire transfers easily from your single, online dashboard.
On-Demand EIN Service
Avoid current IRS EIN backlog with our on-demand EIN service to help facilitate swift opening of fiduciary accounts.

Proud Member and Sponsor

Experienced Leadership

Knowledge that you can count on

Executive Vice President and Managing Director

Marchand Boyd

SVP and Sr. Managing Director, Global Fiduciary Banking

Marchand has focused his decades-long Fiduciary Banking career of fostering consultative, client-centric partnerships. Exercising deep-rooted industry knowledge, Marchand formulates market and engagement-specific deposit management solutions, empowering his clients with the specialized banking accommodations they need to successfully administer their fiduciary responsibilities.

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