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  • Comprehensive, tailored treasury management services
  • Total transactions security protocols with fully secure connection
  • Superior, dedicated client service standards with expert support
  • Exceptional safety and soundness ratings
  • Low net cost of banking
  • Multilayer protection against wire fraud

Benefits of partnering with us

Save Time and Money with RDC

With Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), deposits are made online, eliminating any delay caused by mailing checks

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Improved Control and Security with Positive Pay

Reporting of suspect items takes place daily and enables you to make immediate decisions on potentially fraudulent items

Increase Speed of Collections and Disbursements

Improve reliability and improve availability when you use ACH to originate electronic credits and debits for direct deposit, payroll, and vendor payments

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3 Layers of System Protection

Account Monitoring

iMac Desktop Computer with Isolated HP Printer

  • Apple Operating System least susceptible to malware infection
  • iMac's acquired and configured by Axos's IT team to exclusively connect to the bank's network, blocking any functionality other than wire activity
  • Axos's IT team personally installs the system(s) in our clients' offices and our Cash Management team trains authorized users onsite
  • System is maintained and monitored remotely to assure all necessary updates are installed and system can be blocked from the network if any suspicious activity is detected

2 - Step Authentication

Multi factor Authentication Using the Personal Mobile Phones of Authorized Users

  • User generated username along with one-time use, time-perishable RSA Soft Token on the cellphones of authorized personnel for the confirmation required to log into the computer system
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) protection to authenticate, direct, and protect the data being transferred to and from the iMac IP network


Axos Bank Completely Insulated M-Secure Browser

  • Clicking on the Online Banking Solutions icon on the iMac enables logging on to the Axos Bank user friendly OBS system (that has additional Antivirus & amp; Malware protection) to initiate and approve new wires and create and print out reports within the unique M-Secure Browser
  • Simply enter your Company ID, User ID, and Pin that appears on the OBS website
  • Creates fully secure connection to the Axos Bank Virtual Private Network only allowing traffic from Axos Bank's authorized network

Analyzed Checking

Designed for businesses with significant transaction volume. Offset fees with a competitive earnings credit.

Pair Analyzed Checking with Treasury Management to satisfy payment collection, disbursement and processing needs.

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