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Welcome to your first look at the new Axos Bank website

Founded on Independence Day in the year 2000 as “Bank of Internet”, we have grown to over $20.3 billion in assets and deposits. In anticipation of joining the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: AX), we changed our name, logo, and tagline to reflect our growth and evolution as the premier leader in pro-consumer banking.

“Banking, Evolved” is more than a slogan – it encompasses everything we do. By providing our customers with tools, information, and low-cost resources, we empower them to make real progress toward their financial goals.

How will this change impact the bank customers?

Don’t worry – we don’t want to interfere with your banking. Instead, we want to improve it.

With our new design, we will roll out new technologies, customized products, and customer service features to enhance your banking experience.

In the meantime, your current account features, account number(s), and routing number will stay the same. Your FDIC insurance will remain in place and you can continue accessing your funds using your existing ATM cards.

How do I pronounce Axos?

It’s pronounced “ak-sohs.”

Cell phone

What is Axos?

Technology- Driven
We combine human insight and digital expertise to provide innovative products and solutions.
We're built from the ground up to serve the needs of today's customers.
With a relentless focus on our customers' success, we offer effective and personalized service.

Our goal is simple - to provide customers with the greatest customization and convenience. This means whenever, wherever, real-time access to your accounts, plus flexible products and nimble services to stay ahead of your evolving needs.

By leveraging agile technology and uber-customization, we put customers in control of their finances and their lives.


For nearly two decades we have been focused on providing leading banking services and cutting edge technology. As our bank has evolved to meet your financial needs, our name has fallen behind. While we may operate on the internet, we believe that we are much more than just another online bank. Merging our brands together provides us with the opportunity to better express who we are as a bank.
No. We have not been acquired by another bank and we are not merging with another bank. We are bringing together our diverse set of brands underneath one name – Axos.
Our name will change to Axos Bank™ on Monday, October 1, 2018.
Very little. Your account number(s) and our routing number will not change. Your FDIC insurance will remain in place. Our existing websites—such as online banking—and email addresses will be redirected to You can also continue to access your funds through your existing ATM and debit cards. A few of our product names will change but product features will remain the same. For our IRA customers, the name of the custodian will change to Axos Bank.
Yes. We value our connections with you. Your relationship managers will not change during this process.
For the most part, our products will be staying the same. Customers with products that are changing names have been notified separately. Combining all of our great brands means that many of our customers will have access to even more products and services. Axos Bank will feature everything from essential checking accounts to business treasury services, home loans, and everything in between.   
Bringing these brands together also means that we will need to consolidate some of our checking and savings account options. This will not impact your existing accounts.

Yes. Axos Bank is FDIC insured and your FDIC insurance coverage will remain the same as before.
Come back here to to find the latest information and FAQs.
We want to make this change as easy as possible for you. Your account will remain the same. Your account number, routing number, ATM access, and PINs will all remain unchanged. A few of our product names will change but product features will remain the same. For our IRA customers, the name of the custodian will change to Axos Bank.
Our rebranding won’t slow your application down. Our team will continue to process your application throughout the transition. If you are approved after October 1, you will be one of the first customers to officially open an account with Axos Bank.
Yes. Your existing check stock can still be used. Any future check orders will feature the bank’s new name and logo.
Yes, your previous statements and tax forms can be easily accessed online.
You will have access to the same great features and services that you signed up for. The only change is that as of October 1st, you will access your account at
Your existing debit card will work exactly the same until the expiration date shown on the card.  We will send you a new Axos Bank card 30 days before your expiration date.
Your routing number will remain the same. There is no need to update automatic withdrawals or ACH transactions.
Your monthly paper statement will be delivered at its regularly scheduled time. Just look for the Axos Bank logo in your mailbox starting October 2018.
But why pay a fee for your paper statement? Sign up for online statements and you can get them faster, without the fees. Your online statements will continue to remain available through your online banking. 
Any scheduled recurring and one-time payments that you have set up through our bank will continue as we become Axos Bank.
Your payments will still be processed as they were before. The only change will be that your payment recipients may notice that payments will come from Axos Bank. 
No. All treasury management solutions will continue as scheduled and your relationship managers will be available to assist you with any questions you may have throughout this process. 
All scheduled or in-progress internal transfers and payments will continue uninterrupted. Links to external accounts for Virtus and BofI Advisor customers may be affected and we encourage you to confirm that your external transfers are still in place after October 1.
No. As your account and routing numbers will not be changing, all scheduled payments to your account will continue as scheduled. 
Yes. You can find us at here Don’t worry. If you accidentally enter our previous web address after October 1 you will be redirected to We want to make this transition as easy as possible for you.
Yes. If you use the mobile online banking app, you will need to download the Axos Bank app through your app store on October 1.
Our email address and website will change to on October 1. Did you accidentally use an old address? Don’t worry – our former email address and websites will redirect to the correct location.
For many of our users you will keep your existing username and password. 
However, for Virtus and Advisor users, if you would like a different username you will have the opportunity to change your username when you transition to your new online banking experience.  On October 1, as our Virtus and Advisor customers convert to our new online banking platform, they will be asked to register their username and password for the new system.  If you are a Virtus or Advisor customer, you can expect to hear more from us regarding how to transition to our all new online banking platform.
The Axos Bank app is available for Apple and Android devices. You can download it from the Apple App Store or through Google Play on October 1.   

Ready to get started?

We invite you to navigate our new website and get a good look at the changes. Should you have any questions, our team is available 24/7 at 833-411-AXOS (2967).  Start Now