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DSCR Loan Program

Less Paperwork,
Quicker Closing

Fast-track your investment property purchase or refinance. Simplify the paperwork. Qualify for a loan faster. Enjoy competitive rates. Get it all with an Axos Bank investment property loan. No mortgage broker needed!

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Simple Loans for
Real Estate Investors

Our Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) program makes it possible. Use the property’s expected net rents as an income qualifier. Plus, work directly with Axos Bank and cut out the mortgage broker fee.

  • Loans from $150k up to $30MM+
  • Entity title vesting
  • No limit on cash-out amounts
  • Interest-only options, even with cash out
  • No income docs or W2s required

How does DSCR work?

If you apply for a traditional mortgage, you’re asked to document your income. This can be complicated if you’re self-employed, own a business, or have non-traditional income sources.

DSCR streamlines income qualification by using the cashflow of the property. Here’s how we do it at Axos Bank.


We look at the current rent and an appraiser’s market rental analysis.


We calculate the expected net rent using whichever is lower: actual rent or market rents.


The rent from the property will be divided by the proposed new mortgage payment to calculate the DSCR for the proposed loan.

  • If the calculation exceeds the minimum ratio required by the investor guidelines for the loan, the rent from the property will be used as the primary source of repayment and qualification.
  • If the calculation doesn’t meet the minimum ratio required by the investor guideline for the loan, you may qualify for our no ratio option.

No ratio option is available when meeting the following:

  • Minimum FICO 700
  • Maximum loan amount $1.5 million
  • Meets LTV requirements1
DSCR in Action

Cash Recapture

Here’s how we helped an investor recapture their cash with a low-document rental property refinance in Topanga, CA.

  • Net rent was used to establish income qualification
  • Investor replenished the funds used to purchase the property
  • Loan was vested in entity (LLC)
  • Investor maximized cash flow with 5/1 interest-only ARM

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