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Mortgage Case Studies

  • Cash Recapture to Boost Cash Flow
  • Cross-Collateral
  • Departing Rents
  • Non-Resident Aliens

Case Study: Seller Paid Buydown

Lending Challenge:
In today’s housing market, buyers are faced with increased housing prices along with mortgage rates that are reaching highs that have not been seen for 10 years. In some cases, a buyer may be faced with both the challenges of affordability and loan eligibility. As a result, many buyers are asking sellers for large price concessions with the hope that it will allow them to beat the odds and buy a home that is no longer within their reach. We all know that the success of this type of approach is slim.

Our Solution:
At Axos Bank, we approach challenges with solutions! As a purchase-focused lender, with an intimate understanding of the real estate market and mortgage lending, we have successfully navigated this particular challenge before. In addition to offering low rates and fees to the buyers and real estate agents we work with, we’ve also taught them a strategy commonly referred to as a seller paid buydown.

How It Works
In a seller paid buydown, the buyer asks the seller for a concession that will cover a portion of the expense required to buy down the interest rate being used for the purchase. As we all know, small concessions are common elements of a real estate transaction. However, the seller paid buydown provides an element of leverage that goes beyond just cash incentives because it reduces the interest charged on the loan.

For example, let’s compare the seller paid buydown with a costs reduction on a property priced at $200,000 with buyer financing of 80% and a loan amount of $160,000.

Seller Paid Buydown
3% interest rate buydown
Cost to seller: $3,200
Sale Price Reduction
9% sale price reduction
Cost to seller: $18,000

It’s important to note that while the net effect of either option is relatively the same for the buyer, the seller would save approximately $14,800 by using the seller paid buydown option. As a real estate agent representing a buyer, you know that a 9% reduction in purchase price won’t be taken well by a seller, but a 3% credit against the existing purchase price is a much more appealing concession with a higher likelihood of success.

At the end of the day, a seller paid buydown can provide benefits to both parties involved in the transaction. The buyer gets a great deal on financing, and the seller gets nearly the net proceeds they had wanted.

Case Study: Cash Recapture

Lending Challenge:
A Real Estate Agent approached us about boosting her client’s cash flow through a cash recapture mortgage. Julio had found an ideal residential property and used cash to quickly buy a house. Unfortunately, his investment opportunities were severely restricted by this large cash outlay. Traditional lenders required a full year before they would underwrite Julio’s loan. During that time, Julio was missing out on investment opportunities.

Our Solution:
At Axos Bank™, your goals become our goals. We know that many borrowers use cash to quickly purchase homes in this competitive market. After reviewing Julio’s financials, we were able to finalize his mortgage and boost his cash flow within 100 days of the date of purchase. Without the confines of cash limitations, we provided Julio a refinance option with a 70% LTV ratio.

Waiting to refinance a home can severely impact a borrower’s bottom line. We help clients bank smarter faster. Our recapture program enabled Julio to secure a loan so he could get back to focusing on his investment business.

Case Study: Cross-Collateral

Lending Challenge:
Suzanne did not meet all the requirements for a new mortgage. She had successful investment properties but not enough cash for the full 20% down payment on a new property. Suzanne was hoping to purchase a new $1MM investment property. Unfortunately, Suzanne couldn’t find a lender to meet her limited down payment needs, so she turned to Liam for help. Liam knew Suzanne was more than financially qualified for this mortgage. He wanted to find a customized solution to her problem. Liam made the call to Axos™.

Our Solution:
We customize new mortgages to fit each borrower’s unique situation. Suzanne’s other successful investment properties were all owned outright. Axos was able to create a mortgage that allowed Suzanne to put down 10% in cash and utilize another property as collateral to offset her down payment. This creative solution ensured we had sufficient funds to secure Suzanne’s mortgage. At the same time, a cross-collateral mortgage let her continue building a successful investment portfolio without liquidating assets. Suzanne was able to obtain her new property. Liam helped a client find the right lender, and Axos was able to provide a personalized solution.

Case Study: Departing Rents

Lending Challenge:
Julietta presented us with a borrower needing to relocate quickly for work. Kat’s family was packed and ready to move. With their new home on the market, priced aggressively to sell, Kat and Josh started shopping for a new home. They discovered that they could not qualify for an additional mortgage. Paying two mortgages at once pushed them out of an acceptable DTI-range. Kat and Josh couldn’t wait around for their home to close, and they didn’t have time or the desire to rent their for-sale property.

Our Solution:
Our mortgage experts offer flexible lending solutions. Kat and Josh had put their home on the market and were working hard to sell it. We considered their DTI without including their previous home’s mortgage payment. We were able to provide a loan as personal as their new home.

Evaluating their DTI differently than other lenders allowed us to provide Kat and Josh with the financing they needed to purchase their new home.

Do you have clients in similar situations? If so, we can help. Refer them to us for their home-financing needs.

Case Study: Non-Resident Alien

Lending Challenge:
Purchasing a home can be an exciting yet stressful milestone for any client. It’s a major investment that’s often associated with the acceptance of a new job, a recent marriage, or the enrollment of a student in college. Having clients who are non-resident aliens (NRA) can be an additional challenge.

LeAnne’s NRA clients, Mateo and Luella, were thrilled when their daughter was accepted to a university in the United States. Elaina couldn’t wait to plan her fall schedule and was excited to receive her student visa. Mateo and Luella were interested in purchasing a townhouse within walking distance of campus. Due to their non-resident status and foreign income, they needed a lender with a commonsense underwriting approach and expanded guidelines. With the start of the fall semester quickly approaching, LeAnne decided to give Axos a call.

Our Solution:
LeAnne was wise to reach out to Axos. We offer financing specifically for NRA clients. Using credit sources and bank statements from Mateo and Luella’s home country, we were able to review their credit and document their income. After running security checks and verifying their visas, our experienced underwriting team approved the loan, and Mateo and Luella purchased the property. LeAnne was thrilled that Axos was able to accommodate this family and help Mateo and Luella find a home away from home before Elaina’s first semester.

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