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Financial Insights for Money Management

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Take a look behind the scenes at Banking Evolved. Our January update highlights recent product improvements. Here’s a summary of what has changed.

Updated: Account Insights

You can now compile your external and internal financial accounts and transactions within Axos — all in one place. Within online banking, internal transactions can be labeled as one of nine categories:

arrowPurchase arrowTravel & Entertainment
arrowFood arrowOther
arrowBills arrowTransfers
arrowTransportation arrowDeposit
arrowPersonal care

We’re also giving you more detailed insights into your finances — while keeping things clean and simple. With a donut chart that breaks down transactions by their category and percentage, you can see a visual representation of your finances. We also provide a line chart of cash flow, income, and expenses over a period of time.


Introducing: The Direct Deposit Switch Kit

The name sounds complex, but this feature gives you an easy way to switch direct deposits into your Axos Bank account. With our new solution, your online banking is about to get a whole lot easier.

Now you can:

  • Create, update, and manage direct deposits from your profile
  • Set up direct deposits for multiple income sources
  • Split a single deposit across multiple Axos Bank accounts, such as checking and savings

Sneak Peek: Equities Trading

This one is still in the works, but we thought we’d give you a quick heads up on our trading platform. We plan to introduce self-directed trading to Axos soon. Stay tuned for more information on this one.

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Financial Insights for Money Management